Advent: Satisfied Surrender

Week 2

“‘May it be to me as you have said’. This was the whisper of a young woman’s ready response that allowed the miracle of saving grace to enter our world in the person of Jesus, our Lord.” – Jack Hayford 

This time of year our schedules are busy with preparation. Our homes are often bustling with activity as we delight in the season and engage with friends and family. In the midst of the noise our hearts carry the whisper of prayers waiting to be answered, longings desiring to be fulfilled.

Like silent seed waiting to sprout, unanswered prayers are scattered throughout our city and tended to by the Lord. We acknowledge those in waiting and add our faith to the activity of the Spirit. With hope-filled expectation we echo the whisper that came from Mary’s heart, “May it be unto us as the Lord has said”.

  • Pray  for those waiting to be healed.
  • Pray for families who are waiting for prodigals to come home.
  • Pray for the discouraged, the disheartened, and all those needing to know that God hears, God answers, and God will deliver on His word.

The promise of our Messiah coming gives us the courage to trust in the Lord for all the things that have yet to be realized. Abba, we lean into you. Teach us to believe your word so as to pray in satisfied surrender. 

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