Lower and Slower: Resources for the Navah family

Lower and Slower Prayer Posture

Time: 15 min

Format: Group or Individual

The Father’s greatest desire is to give all of himself to a people who will give all of themselves in return. This beautiful, generous exchange can only take place when the soil of our heart is free from worries and anxieties, the love of riches, and the pleasures of the world (Luke 8:14). We recognize that we are prone to distraction and easily caught up in urgent tasks that keep us from the greatest work of our lives, enjoying God.

In an effort to calm our souls and sensitize our spirits to the heartbeat of Jesus we plan to do 3 things as a church family.

  • Get quiet – that we might have listening ears to hear His voice.
  • Get alone – unto softening our hearts to know His presence.
  • Get hungry – so that our spirits would be filled with the Bread of Life himself.

Below are two experiential prayer points that we practiced as a body on August 4th, 2019. You can listen to the entire message, “Where is Your Wilderness” by clicking here.

Part I: Lower

Pray (Take 60 seconds to breath deeply. Close your eyes to help bring you to the present moment and silence distraction. Put your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat. When you are ready, read the following out loud.)

Father, I believe in my heart that you are Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I desire your ways above my own. Forgive me, Abba, for the times I’ve sought to bring glory to myself.  You are kind and always loving. Search me and know me. Deliver me from any wicked way. I humble myself before you.


Is there any part of the prayer above that makes you uncomfortable? What fear, if any, do you have of asking the Father to humble you? Sit with Him and share those things. Invite him to take you lower into humility. Celebrate your weakness before the King of Kings and welcome a spirit of repentance.

<Depending on how much time you have taken on the first step you may want to pause here and do Part II later in the day. Feel free to take your time. These are words worth lingering over. >

Part II: Slower

Pray (Again, take 60 seconds to breath deeply. Close your eyes to help bring you to the present moment. Put your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat. When you are ready, read the following out loud.)

Father, I confess that I am often in a hurry. My value for efficiency and productivity can get the best of me. The things I prioritize are rarely things that deeply restore me. I invite you to address my schedule, my commitments, and my rhythm of life. Lead me to quiet waters and set me free from a distracted life. Grow my desire to live intentionally.


Read the prayer again slowly and invite the Holy Spirit to highlight a few key words. Share them with the Father. What do you feel when you think about the way you spend your time? Let Him speak to you about any areas of guilt, shame, or regret. Receive His mercy any invite His loving kindness to lead you to quiet waters and make you lie down.


Throughout the week practice going lower in humility and slower in your daily rhythms. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you identify when you have stepped out of His grace by moving in your own strength and wisdom. Invite him to reveal the motives of your heart when you find yourself scrambling. When he does, place your hand on your heart, breath deeply, and allow him to speak to you, “Lower and Slower, Child.” It is his great joy to bring us back to Himself where grace abounds.

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