Anticipation: Joyful expectation for our Navah spring retreat


There is a well within each of us that was designed to be filled. For some the well is a vibrant place, a source of life whose waters refresh, brim to capacity, and spill out in abundance. For others the well can be cold, dark, and empty. The void can be noticeable, even painful at times. As believers it seems natural that we would be the people with wells overflowing. After all Jesus himself said, “Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 4:14, NLT) And yet there are times that we lean over the wall of our well and peer into its depths only to realize how dry we’ve become.

In the Gospel of John we read about a Samaritan woman who came to this very realization while fetching water.  Jesus brought attention to her need by listing her history of damaged relationships. “Sir, I can see you are a prophet” she said (John 4:19, NIV).  Jesus responded to her receptive heart and prophesied to her. He began flooding her empty well with insight from heaven about the exciting things to come.

Thanks to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we can meet with Jesus as often as we realize our need to be filled. In doing so he often gives clarity about our situation and pulls back the veil of things yet to come. As he speaks we receive living water and our faith increases. Face to face with the Almighty and All Knowing One there is a sense that anything can happen. Our anticipation produces hope for the future.

Anticipation is the posture of coming to the Lord in faith, waiting on Him to speak, and believing that his insight will lead to abundant life. Come. Wait. Believe. As we do this we increase our capacity to receive from him. The attitude of expectation draws us deeper into the wellspring of the Spirit.

This spring our Navah Church family is setting apart a sacred time to gather at our annual retreat. Prior to that weekend consider lowering yourself into the wells of the Spirit to let anticipation grow. Perhaps you’ll find yourself drenched in the Father’s love and come up dripping with excitement for all God will do. Some may find, though, that old hurts have dried up expectation for good things to come. Hunger will grow to hear from the Lord. Whatever state you’re in, we will all benefit by coming on May 5th having asked ourselves, “What is the state of my well?” and “How, Jesus, do you plan to fill us afresh?”

As you wait on the Lord we fully expect that He will speak to you and encourage you. You may receive pictures, scriptures, dreams, or words for the Navah family. If that’s the case and you would like to contribute to the growing well of anticipation please email  We would be honored to be part of your process and thankful for your contribution towards this family event.




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