Resurrection People

Bishop Angaelos: Reflections on the Resurrection

Check out this powerful 3 min video from our friends at 24-7 Prayer International. Though the Easter holiday has passed and been celebrated we continue to be resurrection people, a Church empowered by Christ’s victory over the grave. As Bishop Angaelos shares, “He is risen today. Not ‘He will rise’. Not ‘He rose’. But ‘He is risen!’ It’s a continuous state. So we are also living in that continuous state of power, joy and victory. Christ IS risen and may he be always risen in your life.”

After watching the video invite the Lord to speak to you.

  • Holy Spirit, please increase my capacity to walk in your power. How do you want to move through me this week?
  • I long for you to be my greatest joy so that every disappointment and anxious thought would pale in comparison to your presence. When would you like me to set aside a sacred time to be with you this week?
  • Jesus, your victory over death allows me to live wholly abandoned to you now that I am sealed by your Spirit. Are there any ways in which I am not living in my identify as your child? Help me to walk in the confidence that comes from a revelation of your resurrection.

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